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Our History

York County Lacrosse Association History

Lacrosse was introduced to York County in 1996 when Larry Heim and Judy Shopp, two local attorneys, brought together 25 boys from five different high schools to form a travel team.  The group, coached by Bill Middleton, did very well against teams from the Harrisburg and Lancaster areas.  In 1998, Bob Rhein took over the coaching reins and, after his first season, spearheaded a campaign to promote the sport's growth, including shooting contests at church carnivals and free clinics throughout the fall.

The results were dramatic as the participation numbers grew exponentially from 25-to-80-to-160-to 300 boys between 1998 and 2001.  In the fall 2001, the decision was made to dissolve the original York Lacrosse Club into individual clubs that would be run within the local communities.  Thus, eight clubs, including Biglerville in Adams County, were in operation and began a round-robin scheduling format under the auspices of the York County Lacrosse League.

In the fall of 2005, the York County Lacrosse Association was formed to replace the York County Lacrosse League.  When the 11 charter members of the York County Lacrosse Association formally adopted a set of Bylaws in the fall of 2005, it marked another milestone in the rapid development of youth lacrosse in York County.